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Learning English, teaching English and discovering Scotland

There is lots to explore

There is lots to explore here, whether you are learning English or teach it, and there is a special focus on Scotland.

FindYourFeet began many years ago when I was still teaching English at the Language Institute of Konstanz University in South Germany. I discovered that the handouts I made for students would disappear from my pinboard like hot cakes. FyF became my storehouse not only for 'handouts' but also for course materials, information on Scotland, and most recently, course concepts for teaching English. I hope you enjoy exploring FyF and find interesting things.


A set of concepts for teaching skills-based English courses at advanced level.

This is a good place for aspiring teachers to start


Materials originally designed specifically for students attending my courses.

Browse through materials for teachers and learners


Information and tips how to give a talk, write a CV, studying abroad and reading for pleasure.

A good place to start if you are learning English


Information on Scotland for students and visitors, and teaching materials.

Find lots of materials about Scotland


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About Me

I thoroughly enjoyed my life of teaching English to students at university, and learnt a lot. Apart from that: I was born in Scotland, have kept my Scottish accent and delighted in introducing students to a more complex Scotland than they ever thought existed.

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